Hello, Alwyzon!

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My name is Michael Hohl and I'm a software developer and student from Graz, Austria. I started developing a new Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client back in August 2015 called Alwyzon, since I wasn't happy with what most IRC client provided at that time.

There is a dozen of other IRC chat clients available out there already. However most of them are designed as traditional desktop applications and due to the nature of the IRC protocol, they only receive messages while they are running and are connected to the internet. If you shut down your computer or temporarily lose your connection all messages you'd have received in that time are lost forever and you don't have any chance to load them once you are connected again. Another issue of most traditional IRC clients is, that they don't synchronize their history and preferences through multiple devices, which comes more and more important, the more devices you own. Notebooks, smartphones, smartwatches to just call a few.

That's why I started Alwyzon. Alwyzon isn't a traditional desktop application. Instead, it is designed as an always online web-service. By that way, it always stays connected to all channels and conversations and you can browse the channels or conversations history anytime and from any device by just visiting the Alwyzon web app.