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  • /command - the IRC Cheat Sheet

    Posted in Tutorials on Jan 03, 2016

    Some of you may not even have noticed it yet, but the message prompt of Alwyzon is a really powerful tool for any advanced user. It allows you to send common commands, as known from other IRC clients, by prefixing them with a slash. You can repeat messages with the up and down arrows. And (soon to be added) you can auto-complete nick names and commands by pressing the TAB-key on your keyboard. For those of you, which are new to the IRC world, here is short summarization of the most common IRC commands. All working perfectly fine in Alwyzon and grouped by categories.

  • What's next?

    Posted in Announcements on Jan 01, 2016

    Quite some time has gone since the start of the Closed Beta and some of you may be interested in what's the plan is for 2016. I already received a lot of feedback during the ongoing beta and I'm always happy to receive more feedback. If you want to leave me some feedback consider dropping me a mail or join the #alwyzon channel on EsperNet. Much of the feedback contained repeating key feature-requests and issues, which I wanted to summarize for you, so you see that I'm aware of them and are already working on these issues...

  • Hello, Alwyzon!

    Posted in Announcements on Dec 23, 2015

    A web-service based IRC client which brings you all the features from modern chat systems you love, including multi-media support, push-notifications, full-sized Chat history and much more, merged with the advantages of the open and standardized platform Internet Relay Chat.

  • How to setup an IRC server on Debian 8

    Posted in Tutorials on Dec 03, 2015

    This guide explains how to install and configure UnrealIRCd, a top-notch IRC server, on Debian 8.2. Setting up your own IRC server gives you the flexibility to manage users, change their nicks, change channel properties, and more.