cloud-powered IRC client
which always stays connected

even if you are offline

cloud-powered IRC client

which always stays connected

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a chat app designed to let
you become more productive

Internet Relay Chat is a popular protocol for real-time messaging and is in use by millions of users every day. Alwyzon builds on top of that and provides a modern and reliable way for online communication.

persistent connections

connections are relayed via our cloud based service which means they will stay connected even when you close the app

full stack history

all messages and events are stored in our backend, so you can read your favourite chats at anytime and on any device

native apps and notifications

we have apps for Android, iPhone and Mac OS X which all include a shiny native interface and push-notifications

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designed for you

designed to be used by anybody - no need to grapple with time-consuming configuration of bouncers

send multimedia content

embed linked images, videos, code snippets and more alongside your discussions

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multi-device support

use one account on multiple devices at the same time and receive notifications on any device

free forever

core functionality will always stay free to use - no ads, no trial and no credit card required


frequently asked questions

How do I get access to Alwyzon beta?

You can either receive an invited by an existing user to start immediatley or you can sign up to the queue to receive an invite once capacity is available.

Can I connect to an IRC network that requires a password?

Yes, password is supported. NickServ & SASL authentication is supported too. To further protect your connection we also support IRC over SSL.

Does Alwyzon act as a bouncer?

Yes it does – you will stay connected to IRC even if you shutdown your computer. This means when you come back, you'll be able to see what happened on IRC whilst you were away.

How about pricing?

Alwyzon will always stay free to use, however the number of concurrent connections is limited to 2 and old messages are removed after 14 days in free accounts. Once the beta phase ends, you will be able buy a premium subscription which disables this limitations.

What's under the hood?

Alwyzon is powered by a modular and scalable core engine build on top of Scala and Postgres, deployed in a high-availability data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

How do I support the development of Alwyzon?

If you like Alwyzon, please help me spread the word. You'll be awarded with two weeks of free premium subscrition for each referred user.

How do I report bugs or suggest new features?

Every kind of feedback is very welcome! Please consider dropping me a mail or to join the #alwyzon channel on

May I host a local copy for my company/team?

Yes, hosting Alwyzon yourself is possible for large teams and enterprises. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss this further.